Investor Marketing Automation

Investor Marketing Automation

The Future Is Here

Conversion Relations has developed a completely managed and automated IR program designed to fully automate investor marketing or enhance and empower an in-house investor marketing team.

Transform Your Investor and Shareholder Marketing

We connect the dots between marketing technology and creativity to help you build investor interest, engage with more investors and shareholders, and grow your audience.

Designed for companies who recognize the value of engagement and nurturing their entire investor and shareholder audience, and the advantages in motivating a warm audience to take action.

Who Needs Automated Investor Marketing?

  • Companies without investor marketing staff
  • Companies whose investor marketing staff are too busy to communicate personally with retail investors and shareholders
  • Companies who want to augment their investor marketing operations while enhancing communications and engagement with their entire investor and shareholder audience
  • Companies who are going public
  • Companies interested in building a larger audience of interested investors

What is Automated Investor Marketing?

Marketing technology is the cornerstone of successful B2B and B2C marketing today.  A range of solutions help marketers attract, engage, nurture and convert buyers. Conversion Relations has taken these concepts and technologies and developed a proprietary managed solution specifically designed for the demands of investor marketing.

It’s not all about technology.  Creativity and the ability to understand and speak to investors in a way that attracts and keeps their attention, and ultimately motivates them to make an investment decision is an art that requires many years of experience. Conversion Relations manages all aspects of content production and message development.

The Future Is Here
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The Automated Investor Marketing Roadmap


Custom CRM

Integrated CRM Designed for Investor Marketing

Conversion Relations has developed a CRM specifically customized for investor marketing with profiling, engagement tracking, and alerts.


Investor Capture

Capture All of Your Traffic

Conversion Relations approach to online marketing starts with retargeting.  Capturing all of your traffic and marketing to it delivers higher ROI and creates new marketing assets.


Signup and Response Handling

Managing Investor Signups & Response

Automated investor signup and response systems load new investors into the CRM and email management systems, send and manage opt in responses, and follow up emails designed to further engagement.


Automated Investor Profiling

Understand Who Your Investors Are

Our systems automatically access consumer databases to build profiles that can include income and net worth estimates, education, employment, address and more.  Profile information is automatically loaded into investor records within the CRM.


Sign Up Alerts

Know When and Who Signs Up

Our systems provide automated alerts that notify investor marketing staff when a new signup has taken place and what kind of profiling data is available.


Engagement Tracking & Response

Automated Response To Investors Who Engage

We track engagement with your website content, emails and ads to trigger alerts and response systems.  Automated systems send personalized emails to investors who have subscribed with more relevant information based on what they were viewing.


Engagement Alerts

Know When an Investor Has Engaged With Content

Engagement alerts are provided to IR staff for personal follow up.  Alerts are linked to the CRM where engagement logs and profiling data are stored.


Automated Retargeting Advertising

Individualized Advertising Based on Engagement

Engagement tracking systems trigger the launch of a retargeting ad campaign aimed at an individual investor whether they have already signed up or not, driving them to a landing page or other information.


Drip Investor Marketing

Automated Ongoing Investor Engagement

Communicating with investors and shareholders on an ongoing basis should be more than press release email blasts.  Email management systems are used to send a stream of information based communications to investors on a set schedule over days, weeks or months.


Engagement Analytics

We’re Metrics Driven

We provide you with analytics and reports that summarize engagement, signups and ad programs, email programs, retargeting list management etc.

The Future Is Here
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