Investor Profiling

Investor Profiling

Conversion Relations lead generation programs include free investor profiling.  Our systems access consumer databases and builds profiles that can include a range of data such as income and net worth estimates, education, employment, address and more.

All Investors Are Not Equal

Lets face it all retail investors are not created equal.  Being able to identify high value potential investors allows our automated investor marketing systems to segregate communications and your internal IR team to prioritize their efforts and increase their effectiveness.

HNW Investor Verification

Our lead generation programs ask investors to self qualify as HNW or accredited.  Our profiling systems assist in verifying that information and provide a range of other data that helps your team build an understanding of potential investors or existing shareholders.

Increase the ROI of Your IR Team

By profiling shareholders, existing interested investors and new investor leads your internal IR team is able to prioritize their efforts and maximize their effectiveness.

Profile Your Existing Investor Lists and Shareholder Base

Expand your knowledge and the ROI of your investor marketing investments by profiling your shareholder base, investor lists and new investor leads.

Know Your Audience

Online businesses put a lot of effort into profiling their ideal customers before they start investing in sales and marketing.  Investor marketing isn’t any different. Start your marketing by developing a thorough understanding of your investor audience.


High Value Leads. Higher ROI. Know Your Audience.

Increase the ROI of Investor Marketing

Knowing our audience allows you to speak to them at a level they’ll understand and appreciate.  Targeting the most valuable potential investors increases the ROI of your investor marketing team.

Target Investors Who Can Afford to Invest

Profiling provides you with the insight you need to target the right individuals with financing offers.

Empower Your In House Investor Marketing Team

Providing your team with qualified, profiled leads makes their job easier and provides them with the tools to deliver results.

Understand Who Your Shareholder Base Is

Beyond a core group of shareholders most company’s don’t know much about their shareholder base.  Profiling provides you with the insight you need to communicate with them effectively.