Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Conversion Relations lead generation programs generate the highest quality investor leads available in the market.  Our approach leverages the latest AI driven advertising technologies focused on targeting and audience segmentation.  Every lead we generate has requested information about your company.

The Gold Standard in Custom Lead Programs

Our lead generation programs are custom designed, built and managed for every client.  Every investor lead we generate has requested information about your company and only your company.

We’re Hunters, Not Gatherers

Conversion Relations lead generation programs focus on targeting and attracting interested investors using online advertising campaigns.  We’re looking for investors who respond by requesting more information about your company specifically. We’re hunters, not gatherers.

Leads that Convert

Our goal is to provide leads that convert. Our approach leverages systems that build profiles of your target investor audience by analyzing existing shareholders and investors who have visited your website and looks for similar investors.

HNW Investor Targeting

Our approach allows us to narrowly define and profile an investor audience based on your goals.  Advanced profiling, targeting and qualifying systems give us the ability to develop a campaign that delivers the highest quality leads at the lowest cost per lead.

Investor Lead Profiling & Scoring

You want to know as much about every lead as possible.  Our platform pulls data from multiple sources to build investor profiles which can include income, wealth, education, and employment data points.


Exclusive Leads. Guaranteed Outcomes. Create More Marketing Assets.

Qualified Custom Leads Are Worth More……….But Cost Less

Our approach to lead generation is designed to target the most likely interested investors and encourage them to ask for more information about your company.

We Provide Guarantees

We’re all about metrics, ROI and results.  Every lead generation program comes with guarantees of the number of leads we’ll generate.

Lead Generation Campaigns Are Awareness Programs Too

When a lead generation campaign is running we’re driving large numbers of views and clicks that expose your message to millions of new investors who were targeted to be most interested in your company.

Capture All Traffic. Build New Lists

Why lose the warmest investors you have access to? Retargeting systems capture the IP addresses of almost everyone who clicks an ad and views a landing page or article.  These addresses can be used to target investors who were interested enough to read your materials with ads and landing pages at any time in the future.

Leveraging Our Experience

Conversion Relations was built by veteran investor marketing, online marketing, tech and public company experts.  The company is staffed by talented and experienced marketing systems and campaign professionals who know how to speak to investors.