List Building

List Building

Your investor audience is the most important asset you have.  Continuing to target and nurture interested investors who took the time and effort to visit your website but didn’t provide an email address is a smart strategy. Warm investors are more likely to take action and become shareholders and evangelists.

Less than 1% of Website Visitors Provide an Email Address.  Why Not Capture All of Them?

Why lose the warmest investors you have access to? We use retargeting systems to capture the IP addresses of almost all website or landing page visitors.  These addresses can be used to target investors with ads and landing pages at any time in the future.

Create New Investor Lists That You Own

Grow your new investor marketing list to tens or hundreds of thousands within months.  The traffic we capture is owned by you and your list is only used to run your campaigns.

Access Millions of New Similar Investors For Campaigns

Once a retargeting program is set up and operating we gain access to millions of investors with similar profiles to those who have visited your website or landing page.  We can run expanded list building campaigns as large and as aggressively as your budgets allow.

Advanced Investor Targeting

Who your investor audience is matters as much as how large your lists are. Our approach leverages systems that build profiles of your target investor audience by analyzing existing shareholders and investors who have visited your website.


Capture investor traffic.  Build Lists. Expand your marketing.

Don’t Rely on Email Signups Any Longer

Lets face it converting website traffic to email signups is tough.  Most public companies only convert a tiny fraction of their traffic.  By expanding your investor marketing to include retargeting you’re able to capture most of the investors who have spent the time and effort to visit your website and read your materials.

Build Large Lists of New Interested Investors

Within a few months you’ll likely build a list of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of investors.  Warm investors who already know who you are and are interested in your company. You own this list and can use it as often as you like.

Increase News Distribution to All Interested Investors

Use your new lists to expand news distribution to large lists of interested “warm” investors your ignoring today.  Make sure they see your news by running campaigns over several days using advertising that delivers information not just branding.

Access Millions of New Targeted Investors

Retargeting not only gives you access to your own list of warm investors but it also gives you the option of accessing millions of investors with similar profiles.  We can run expanded campaigns as large and as aggressively as your budgets allow.