Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Online advertising is the most important part of modern investor marketing.  Online advertising can target people who are most likely to be interested in your company and rapidly deliver a global audience of tens of millions.

Multi Platform Approach

We take a multi platform approach to marketing campaigns focused on testing and optimization.  We’re expert at A/B testing and use different ads, landing page copy and structure across advertising platforms like Google Display, Google Retargeting, Google Similar Audiences, Facebook Audience Network, programmatic platforms, and native advertising networks like Outbrain, Taboola and RevContent.

Advanced Investor Targeting

Our approach leverages systems that build profiles of your target investor audience by analyzing existing shareholders and investors who have visited your website.   Once a profile has been created we have access to millions of similar investors we can target individually. We also focus campaigns on specific types of investors including institutional, international or high net worth.

Creativity is What We’re Known For

It’s not all about technology.  Creativity and the ability to speak to investors in a way that attracts and keeps their attention, and motivates them to take action is a rare skill that requires many years of experience to develop. Conversion Relations team is highly expert at investor marketing and advertising and delivers higher than industry standard conversion rates across all of its campaigns and programs.  Guaranteed.

Our Campaigns Are More Than Advertising

Conversion Relations provides its campaign clients with a package of free services and benefits as part of every campaign program.  

FREE: Our Campaigns Come With Lead Generation and List Building
We build every campaign as a lead generation campaign even if the primary goal is to drive awareness.  After all if you can’t convince investors to give you their email address, name, and phone number how do you know if your campaign is effective?

FREE: We Provide Free Enhanced Lead Profiling
We want to know as much about every lead as possible.  Our platform pulls data from multiple sources to build investor profiles which can include income, wealth, education, and employment data points.

FREE: Build More Lists: Capture All of Your Traffic Using Retargeting Systems
Retargeting is the practice of showing ads to people who have visited your website or landing page after they leave.  At Conversion Relations we consider retargeting to be basic investor marketing infrastructure that gives our clients the ability to market to warm investors who have shown an interest in their company but haven’t provided an email address yet. Retargeting lists can grow to tens of thousands of interested investors in a short period of time while a campaign is running.  You can chose to use your retargeting list at any time.

Rapidly Scalable

Once we’ve set up a client we can develop and launch large scale marketing campaigns across multiple platforms in as little as five business days.  The only limitation is budget.

We’re All About Reporting, Metrics and Accountability

Modern online marketing is about metrics and accountability.  We tell you what to expect up front and then deliver it. We provide you with weekly reports that summarize results and analyze trends, daily engagement alerts and leads lists.

US & International Investors

Target your campaigns where they will get the best response.  By using advanced targeting and profiling across multiple platforms we have the ability to target US and international investors specifically.  Our campaigns are designed to be GDPR compliant.

Mobile Focused Campaigns

Depending on your goals, targeting, and the age of your investor audience advertising campaigns can be tailored for mobile first programs.


Capture investor traffic.  Build Lists. Expand your marketing.

Advanced Targeting Finds Your Audience

We focus on profiling your existing shareholders and interested investors, or any specific audience you want to reach, and leverage systems that give us access to other similar investors.  This delivers more qualified leads, an audience that is more likely to take action, and a higher ROI on every campaign.

Build Large Lists of New Interested Investors

Our campaigns create retargeting lists of the investors who looked at your materials but didn’t subscribe.   During a campaign you’ll likely build a list of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of these warm investors.  You own this list and can use it as often as you like.

Leveraging Our Experience

Conversion Relations was built by veteran investor marketing, online marketing, tech and public company experts.  The company is staffed by talented and experienced marketing systems and campaign professionals who know how to speak to investors.

ROI and Data Driven Programs

Modern online marketing is about metrics and accountability.  We tell you what to expect up front and then deliver it. We provide you with weekly reports that summarize results and analyze trends, daily engagement alerts and leads lists.

Lead Generation & Profiling

Leveraging advanced technologies, data sources and tactics we build exclusive lead generation and profiling programs for our clients that capture targeted online investors and convert them to qualified and profiled leads.