Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Leverage Our Experience and Expertise

We understand investor marketing and have the experience and track record to prove it.  Conversion Relation’s management, directors, consultants, and advisors bring a unique knowledge and experience base ideally suited to the development of advanced online solutions for investor marketing and shareholder communications.  Combined with extensive experience in conversion marketing and marketing automation, online marketing, and Saas technology development the Conversion Relations team has many years of experience developing and leading technology public companies, developing investor marketing programs, managing investor relations programs, and has raised tens of millions of dollars in financing.

Positioning & Investor Strategy

Successful Investor Marketing Starts With Strategy

Modern investor marketing starts with understanding who your ideal audience is and why they’d be interested in your company.  We develop investor persona’s and create strategies that target the right investors with an exciting, understandable, relateable and credible story. Building the company’s positioning, messaging and online presence so that its cohesive and consistent across all content and channels is critical.  We design programs to get that message to your target audience and drive them to take action.


Online Investors Make Decisions Based on Content

Today’s investors don’t call brokers for investment ideas.  They do their own research online and make decisions based on what they read.  That makes content the most critical part of modern investor marketing together with understanding and targeting the right investor audience.  Your website should be a destination for information and the web should be seeded with content that explains your story properly.

At Conversion Relations we employ strategists, analysts, journalists and writers who produce content that educates, informs and converts investor interest.

Websites & Social Media

Success Requires a 360 Degree Approach to Online Marketing

Online investors visit websites and use social media as a key source of information, and to stay current with company developments.  A website needs to look current, contain the proper functionality and compare well to peer companies. At Conversion Relations we’ve had many years of experience developing public company websites and the content that makes them relevant.  We’re digital marketing veterans.

Social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook investor groups are valuable parts of an investor marketing program.  Making sure you design and manage your social media so that investors aren’t just seeing press releases and corporate materials is key to success.