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Conversion Relations provides packaged services for companies about to go public and for ICO’s, STO’s and crypto marketing.

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Complete Go Public Solutions

We’ve been there and have the experience and expertise to help you take your company public the right way. With strength.

Becoming a public company means you’re now in two businesses; your core business and the business of being a public company.

Going public is more than obtaining a listing or doing an IPO.  It’s about creating an exciting and credible story designed for today’s online investors.  We’re experts at developing your company’s positioning, messaging and online presence so that it successfully attracts attention and keeps it.  

We work with you to develop a go public marketing strategy and then execute to deliver advanced websites integrated with automated investor marketing, retargeting, engagement tracking, content campaigns, awareness and list building campaigns, social media and PR.  We follow up with coverage through our NXT websites or through partner websites and ongoing marketing campaigns when you need them.

ICO’s, STO’s & Crypto Marketing

Cryptocurrency Marketing is Investor Marketing

Marketing an ICO or STO isn’t much different than taking a company public when it comes to investor marketing.  It’s still all about understanding your investor, building personas and then developing targeted campaigns that deliver.  Our ability to segment and hyper target investor audiences means that we can help you find HNW investors focused on crypto or an international audience.  

We work with you to develop an investor marketing strategy and then deliver websites integrated with automated investor marketing that capture and nurture the largest audience possible.  We deploy retargeting, engagement tracking, content campaigns, awareness and list building campaigns, social media and PR. We provide editorial coverage through our NXTalpha website which is focused on blockchain and crypto.

Once your offering is completed and your coin is listed it’s time to switch gears, build a global audience and drive trading volume.  Our range of technologies and solutions are designed to provide you with the support you need at every stage.

Hedge Fund HNW Investor Marketing

Targeting and Conversion Strategies with HNW Verification

Attracting and nurturing HNW investors requires a highly targeted approach. We narrowly define and profile an investor audience based on your goals and then develop a campaign that delivers the audience and leads you’re looking for.  In B2B marketing the content and interaction a buyer needs to make a decision is mapped out and called a buyer’s journey. We take the same approach with investor journeys. Our profiling systems can give you the information you need to prioritize specific leads and target them with advertising and content or personal outreach.

Conversion Relations automated investor marketing solutions can help profile and attract new investors or work to verify and convert an existing investor list.  Our HNW marketing strategies rely on developing content and engagement offers that compel investors to react individually rather than hoping they will respond to a one size fits all traditional approach.

The Future Is Here
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